He who has ears, let him hear.

Matthew 13:9

At Grace Fellowship, we believe the word of God is powerful seed, capable of bringing forth a harvest of blessing in the lives of His children. Reading, listening to, and studying God's word leads to a greater understanding of the Scriptures, and that greater understanding yields growth.

Our GraceCast podcast ministry is a tool to help believers "listen, learn, and grow" in the Word of God. In addition to exclusive podcast-only content, including GraceTalk with Pastor Dale, users can also access our weekly messages and curated collections of topic-specific content, such as healing.  

GraceTalk with Pastor Dale

Weekly Podcast

Weekly podcast with Dale Campbell, lead pastor of GFC. GraceTalk features casual conversations and practical insights into the Word of God.

GraceCast | Sundays

GraceCast  |  Sundays

Weekly Sunday Sermon Audio

Audio-only versions of GFC's Sunday sermon series.

GraceCast | Midweek

GraceCast  |  Midweek

Weekly Bible Study Audio

Audio-only versions of GFC's  midweek adult Bible studies.

GraceCast | Young Adults

GraceCast  |  Young  Adults

Weekly Young Adult Class Audio

Audio-only versions of GFC's  young adult Bible studies taught by Pastor Patty Campbell.

GraceCast | Healing

The Healing Faith  Journey Podcast

Messages and Discussions on Biblical Healing

Audio-only messages on biblical healing, as well as, healing related discussions with Pastor Dale Campbell.